Victorian Furnishings

victorian furnishings
Why do historians Victorian design partner / period / No architectural decline with deterioration?

this period they are referring and why exactly? As in The Matrix, modern furniture vicotorian accompanied textures so it's not reall the social disintegration of the fabric of society? So what then is the association with her and set design of The Matrix? whats the link?

It is not historians who but what do people that defines the design or something similar. Victorian design involved a revival of Gothic architecture heavy (or medieval) style and the Gothic is closely associated with the creeps, especially in literature. Partly for this reason, Victorian furniture can express a sense of decrepitude. Another reason they can do is that they tend to be heavy and dark in terms of wood and colors. The previous period, the late 18th century and early 19th centuries tend to focus on bright colors and pretty sleek and airy because of the influence of classical culture. If you are looking for ways to think about the ancient objects from the past, you better choose items or Victorian decor, with which many people have some knowledge that they are automatically rather understood as the antithesis of modernist design as he began to develop in the late 19th century. But no, the Victorian era does not represent the social decay, it has been in fact, a period of social reform, the beginning of our modern sense of social consciousness and well-being.

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