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Will you buy this, tell me what you think?

Ok here's what bugzapper deal.I designed. This type of laser pen, but instead of chasing a Fly around, you just aim and the point and, Zap ))))) ((((( you fry the fly instantly. One problem, you can not "ZAPiT" it inside your house if it is on the wall or furniture because you may damage your walls or furniture with burn marks or spots. You can zap them if their surfaces on the floors counters such as ceramics or if you sit on your porch enjoying your morning coffee first. So what do you think? Would you buy one? 29.99 runs on rechargeable batteries, so when you do not use it, simply clip on the charger to recharge. Unplugged it will last up to 24 hours. For those of you who think that burning your little brother or sister. It will not work.

its really a good idea but I can see the flaws. if a child takes it, they fisk zapping pets or your home, and you should aim for enough good to knock on the fly. and you'd have to wait for the fly to stop the movement before you can get so you might as well wait with the newspaper. lol. and personally I do not see many flies in the house in the UK, if I did I would probably spend much less money on any of these bands to fly. even if you hit the fly with the laser then you must get the fly and pick it up, if you do you may end up with hundreds of "zapping" flies laying around your house, and rtechargable batteries are a good idea, but with the soaring price of electric i personally rather some something that does not need to be recharged overnight that it would cost me a fortune. I think it's a very good idea and I think you well done making it but I consider him more of a novelty item than anything. but Im sure there are people who buy it:) also wonder how do you know the thing bibicy used to work on child / adult / other small animals, so if it fell into the wrong hands?

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