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living room furnishings
what are some cool ideas to do with my new apartment?

I just got a new apartment. Its very beautiful. Its 891 square feet. large bathroom. Nice size room, huge walk-in closet, large windows, high ceilings, a balcony, a space to put a kitchen table and a living room. What are the creative ideas to do with space? What products are neat I can use to make my unique apartment? What are good sites I can visit the store home furnishings treated for single? Any ideas? I am a woman of 28 years, if it helps anyone in reducing things.

Without knowing your personal style, it is impossible to answer. But I want to introduce you to my way of decorating (And I've done with other people too). Get a half dozen of your favorite magazines decoration. Get a stack of sticky notes or other sticky notes. Go thought the magazines and every time you see something you like, put a sticky on the top so that it extends. Make a brief note why you liked this theme. For example, "color" or "light" or "work". Finally, you will begin to see a pattern emerging, a model for the themes you're comfortable with. It might be something like "blue damask romantic finish White around doors, with black floors and chandelier modern. "From the magazines, you can often cause a lot of articles online, or you can buy similar items locally. Take your time and really buy items you like and can live with, rather than rush and compromise. Start with the elements the hardest to find, big ticket items like sofas and carpets, it's easier to find a paint color to match the couch than the reverse. Take your room measurements (preferably on a specific plan) with you when shopping to avoid buying items that are too large or too small. If possible, keep samples of items you buy, take them with you as you shop so you can visualize colors and precision. Some of my stores Preferred and online sources are Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware, Horchow. Ikea stores are small, and even places like TJ Maxx. Have fun!

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