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How do I delete or change stucco on the inside (gypboard) walls?

We have some remodeling to do in our decoration-in-the-70-room family later. A long wall is completely covered with stucco, and severely by nicotine. (Yuck.) An idea I have is to break down some of the texture of the stucco perhaps by wetting and scraping with a scraper, then sand. Then we'll have to cover it with Kilz and paint. Has anyone ever managed (Or unsuccessfully, for that matter) does something like that? I'm sure it will be a dusty mess, but will it work? My goal is to have walls may be slightly textured, but not with that look of stucco. The only other option is re-drywalling and would be a great project.

We is an entire room with an electric sander palm. It worked, but not sure I would do it again. If you go with a smoother texture, you would not do it completely smooth, but so that it would be much easier. Personally, I skip the idea of water. Make sure simply resperators and wear dust masks or at least. This stuff is not good for your lungs.

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